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Top 5 Best Used Cars Under 15000 Dollars On Craigslist

I have been previously in talks with my partner about purchasing a new car because our old Nissan just cannot handle the street anymore and it must go. Actually it almost got us killed on the road once the brakes wouldn't respond anymore which really scared us to death. However, since I haven't got money I'll have to limit this new purchase to no more than 15000 dollars as well as for this sort of money I believe you can now obtain a pretty nice car. Therefore, let's waste forget about time and take particular notice the best used cars for sale under 15000 and find out which I'll turn out taking home.

My Top 5 Best Used Cars Under 15000 Dollars

i. Toyota Tundra Double Cab TRD

Toyota Tundra Double Cab TRD
Toyota Tundra SR5 Double Cab TRD - Best Used Cars Under 15000 Dollars
toyota tundra double cab for sale

Unless you really see yourself in the big old pickup truck, then this Toyota Tundra might be exactly the kind of car you have been looking for. Which has a 140.5 inch wheelbase and having a complete length of 230.1 inches, the Tundra is surely a fairly big car which makes a statement on the road. If I'd get one word to sum this car up, that will definitely be "comfort". So why do I believe that? Well, it is because when compared with most other cars, the Tundra provides you with 37.5 inches price of rear legroom, while other cars offer you anything between eighteen and 21 inches. This will make those long rides much more comfortable and relaxing. 

toyota tundra double cab interior

However, let's not overlook the massive 4.7 liter V8 engine that packs an excellent 240 HP and 315 lbf ft. Getting from 0 to 90 mph on this bad boy takes just 9.2 seconds and despite the fact that when compared with other cars of this type it's kind of slow, it can make up in the comfort department and ruggedness. Overall, this is a great car for very long drives that I'd never hesitate taking for any spin.

ii. Nissan Maxima SL 2005

I saw this Nissan Maxima SL 2005 on Craigslist cars (by the local car dealership) and I need to say I had been stunned at it from the few opinions. This is a reasonably roomy mid-sized sedan even though it isn't quicker compared to Altima neither is it family oriented, it does pack a really unique design which i like along with a massive 265 HP V6 engine. I'm a speed demon and i also definitely like cars with many different HP and normally made available the Maxima SL is certainly things I want. 

2005 Nissan Maxima - Used cars on Craigslist Cars
2005 Nissan Maxima

Taking a closer look in the interior I've got to say I discovered the Maxim SL to become pretty more comfortable with which are deluxe and supporting, as well as the innovative overall design. It provides a sky view roof which many people will love, as it just helps make the driving experience better for your passengers. 

Nissan Maxima review

And in case you concern yourself with safety, then that would be that because the front seat passengers take advantage of the very popular ABS system Nissan is really renowned for. Even better the vehicle also includes a TCS like a standard, which makes it that rather more of the attractive car. 

Nissan Maxima for sale

iii. 2008 Dodge Charger

Sporting a comfortable cars and roomy interior which has a modern exterior styling that'll make you've always wondered more details on it, the 2008 Dodge Charger isn't any doubt an energy performer. The not so good news about this would be that this manufacturer chosen a poor base engine, limited of visibility and unexpected quality of internal materials, thus, resulting in this model somewhat of unhappy for all those with higher expectations like me personally.

2008 Dodge Charger
Used 2008 Dodge Charger For Sale on Craigslist with price 14,850 Dollars

2008 dodge charger specs

Exactly what does save this car from being disregarded by muscle car lovers is its retro muscle car look along with the stronger engines available with the top line models. If you have the money to pay, it is possible to purchase better interior options which will help make this car one you happen to be proud to own.
2008 dodge charger reviews
Best Used Sports Cars Under 15000 Dollars - My choice #1


iv. 2010 4-door Honda Civic

If you have driven several small car models by from time to time jumped in to a 2010 Honda Civic, I bet you are surprised just as much as I had been of their incredible amount of refinement, sophistication and frugality. This model appears to be offered only within a hatchback style and when you would like it, then you need to arrange your bank account because of this beauty since its amongst the more costly small cars you can find. 

used honda civic
Used Honda Civic VTEC, 1.8, 2010 - Price $11999 on Fresno Craigslist Cars

 used honda civic for sale

With regards to how powerful the engine could possibly get, there are some models you can buy. For example, unless you mind trading fuel efficiency for additional HP, then your 2. liter engine packs 197 HP (the Si model), includes a great front wheel traction plus a 6 speed manual gearbox. If you are of the tamer nature, the 1.8 liter engine sporting 140 HP is the ideal choice also it does help save some cash for the fuel. This car left its mark on me and yes it usually takes a high spot in my list to the car I want to drive.

2010 honda civic

v. 1986 Mercedes Benz 560 SL

Launched almost twenty years ago in '84, the Mercedes Benz 560 SL can also be like a convertible coupe. The vehicle was made specifically to the American market along with an electric engine able to 277 HP, the 560 SL can reach from to 60 Mph in only 8 seconds. Don't believe that when it absolutely was manufactured 20 years ago which it does not have features you'd find of all modern cars nowadays.

1986 Mercedes Benz 560 SL Roadster Used Cars For Sale
Only $13500 Used Mercedes Benz 560 SL 1986 on Merced Craigslist Cars

mercedes 560 sl

The 560 SL comes with a improved heating and cooling system, leather trimmed shift lever and steering wheel, an anti theft alarm system, anti lock braking, good quality leather upholstery, revised steering geometry plus a limited slip differential. Because of its time, this car would be a luxurious vehicle which was noted for its refinement, performance and commitment to create, traits that seems many both new and experienced drivers alike greatly appreciate nowadays. 

After dealing with each one of these vehicles, it had become somewhat challenging for me to choose only one. I was left with the Dodge along with the Honda Civic that are not the same as each other. The Dodge pulled me in a single direction because of its looks and engine HP, even though the Honda pulled me from the other way since i liked its interior, fuel economy and overall experience of driving it. Whether or not this were not for my partner, I would have gotten the Dodge, however, the Civic does its job perfectly and I am very happy to own one. 


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